2017 Brad Huddleston Ministries Banquet Was Incredible!

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, folks from all over the Shenandoah Valley and beyond gathered at Harrisonburg First Assembly for evening of praise, worship and celebration for all that God has been doing through Brad Huddleston Ministries. The Lord used Pastor Jeff Ferguson (Brad and Beth's pastor in the US) to deliver a powerful keynote address. For the third year in a row, praise and worship was led by Tina Persinger and her team from Calvary Assembly of God in Staunton, Virginia as well as other churches. Other friends of Brad Huddleston Ministries from around the US and world joined by a video that can be viewed below. Pastor Greg Mayo from Cornerstone Church of Augusta brought a report as to how the Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance seminar positively impacted his congregation and licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist Jeff Watros spoke about the benefits of the Digital Cocaine and Porneia resources in helping people with various addictions. Beth and I want to thank everyone who attended, and those who were unable to attend, to gave generously of their finances to help us with the call that God has on our lives here in the US and around the world.

Pastor Jeff Ferguson, Keynote Speaker

Pastor Ferguson is an ordained Assembly of God (AG) minister at Harrisonburg First Assembly. He holds a BS in Bible from the University of Valley Forge and MS in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola College. He also serves as an AG Central Region Executive Presbyter for the Potomac Ministry Network. Pastor Jeff is Brad and Beth's pastor in the US.

A huge thank you to those around the US and world for contributing to the following video.