March 26, 2019 - Are you under the impression that watching pornography is primarily a problem for men? Think again. Females have almost caught up. In this video, Marshall Shank, from PROVENMEN and PROVENWOMEN, and I discuss this critical issue and most importantly, provide solutions. Please feel free to share this. For a more in-depth article on this topic, visit our blog page.

Snubbing God - A Conversation with Dr. Victor Kuligin

It is no secret that the Word of God is under attack. This is a must-see podcast I recorded with Dr. Victor Kuligin, lecturer at the Bible Institute of South Africa. Victor is the author of several books including "Snubbing God: The High Cost of Rejecting God's Created Order" (the topic of this conversation). Please watch and share.

Real Men Connect

It was an incredible to be interviewed by Dr. Joe Martin. The Real Men Connect podcast is now the #1-rated podcast on iTunes for Christian Men’s mentoring and discipleship.

Listen to and/or download the podcast by clicking here.

Divine Unity Community Church

I had the absolute honor and privilege of once again preaching at this dynamic and fast growing church in Harrisonburg, Virginia (USA). Pastors Chris Johnson and AJ Mosley are on the very cutting edge of what God is wanting to do in our country.

Vision Christian Radio (Australia)

Listen to and/or download Neil's entire interview with Brad (below).

Listen to and/or download Neil's entire interview with Brad (below).

This is an excerpt from the DVD series Porneia: A Global Tragedy. The word porneia (πορνεύω) appears 26 times in the New Testament of the Bible and is the root of the English words pornography and pornographic. Drawing the latest research from neuroscience, Brad Huddleston explains the effect that pornography has on the brain and offers Biblical strategies that will bring freedom and healing to those affected by the scourge of of this growing problem.