Tobias Keller – Switzerland


I met Brad for the first time eight years ago during a trip to Australia. The message he gave in a youth meeting that evening has challenged and impacted both my personal life and my ministry as a youth leader.

Some years later, we were able to invite Brad to visit my home church in Switzerland. Brad ministered to our youth in a series of worship and revival meetings. His message was refreshing and challenging so that the majority of the young people attending the meetings would be moved to come forward after the services to initiate or renew personal commitments with Jesus. Brad’s ministry has truly been a blessing to us as a group of young people as well as for a lot of us individually.

I would not hesitate to invite Brad to speak in our youth group again. I know him as a man of integrity who practices what he preaches. He has a deep reverence for the Scriptures, a fact that gives his teachings a strong foundation. His ministry lifted up Jesus as the center of his message. Therefore I gladly recommend Brad Huddleston to any church or group that wants to be encouraged, challenged and ignited with fresh fire.

Tobias Keller