Pastors Ken & Frances Wigglesworth


We just had Brad and Beth Huddleston visit our church. We had a great time with them. It was his third visit to us and Beth's first.

Brad's presentation was both impacting and professional in delivery. His subject on this visit concerned the dark side of technology: addiction to texting, social networking web sites and computer gaming. It was eye-opening both to parents and grand-parents alike. Brad gave great advice on how to recognize and deal with this kind of addiction amongst our children.

They both ministered powerfully to us; Brad in preaching/teaching and Beth in song.

They have a love and respect for the local church and I like their honest, well researched but direct approach to abuses via modern technology. These are current and pervasive problems of old sins in new disguise. Mobile phone and internet pornography with predator behavior using this medium needs to be exposed and dealt with in a Godly way.

Brad and Beth speak on many subjects and I recommend them to any church pastor enquiring about their ministry before receiving them.

Ken & Frances
City Impact Church