Radio Host Rob Schilling and Brad Huddleston

Radio Host Rob Schilling and Brad Huddleston

I want to thank my friend Rob Schilling, host of The Schilling Show on WINA in Charlottesville, VA, for having me on air earlier this week to talk about my new DVD series Porneia: A Global Tragedy. You can listen to our conversation at (it begins at 23:27). You can listen to Rob weekdays from noon to 2 pm on WINA, 1070 AM, 98.9 FM and online at Please keep Rob in your prayers. Charlottesville is blessed to have him.

Australian Presenter Neil Johnson Interviews Brad On New Project Porneia

Listen and/or download Neil's entire interview with Brad (below).

Listen and/or download Neil's entire interview with Brad (below).

This is an excerpt from the DVD series Porneia: A Global Tragedy. The word porneia (πορνεύω) appears 26 times in the New Testament of the Bible and is the root of the English words pornography and pornographic. Drawing the latest research from neuroscience, Brad Huddleston explains the effect that pornography has on the brain and offers Biblical strategies that will bring freedom and healing to those affected by the scourge of of this growing problem.

Keeping Kids Safe Online


Mobile phones and the internet have made it possible to be connected to the world 24 hours a day, wherever you are.  That can be a very good thing, but it can also be a trap.  Especially for young people. 

 'Cyber bullying' and 'sexting' are terms we are hearing more often these days. And parents, and schools are struggling to keep up.  
Brad Huddleston is an American minister who runs a multimeda company.  He's made it his mission to help parents and teachers come to grips with the technology, and has been visiting our region for the past few weeks. 

He's visited schools in Toowoomba, Dalby, St George and Brisbane, and took time to visit the ABC studios to explain what he says to parents, and schools about the rise of the 'connected child'....

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